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Hon. President

Dr. M.K. Shah

Hon'ble President

At the very outset let me confess that the idea of Sumandeep  Vidyapeeth was not conceived by me, rather this idea has adopted and possessed me.  Years back it descended on me like an early morning dream and has remained with me ever since, pervading not only my conscious and subconscious mind, but each moment of my existence. It is of course  fulfilling to acknowledge that each step that it has taken, each moment of it’s growth, has made my life worth living. However, the great educational hub that it is today, is due to tireless efforts of all those who have walked with me ,and stood by me through thick and thin. They have all shared that one dream, and the ownership of this institution is as much theirs.


From very modest beginnings it has branched into virtually every sphere of medical care and medical education. Today it can boast of state of the art equipments , affordable super-specialty care ,and in the form of Evidence based education system , a completely innovative teaching –learning process, unique to this institution in the entire country. As a part of our responsibility towards this emerging and innovative educational system, we have taken upon ourselves to sensitize the medical fraternity to it’s evolving methodology. To this effect , 1st International conference on Evidence based education system(EBESCON) , was organized in 2011 and the 2nd EBSCON  is being organized in 2014.


It also gives me immense pleasure to note that because of the quality care and holistic education offered by us,  we draw patients from all neighboring  states and students from all over the country. We have a team of highly qualified, efficient, committed and forward looking professionals, engaged in this task of service to the society, with missionary zeal.


At Sumandeep Vidyapeeth we believe in collective responsibility towards Nation building. We also understand that medical care and medical  education are part of an ever changing dynamic process ,and hence though satisfied with the journey so far  , we are marching ahead with our vision on the future.   It is our constant endeavor to constantly upgrade ourselves , acquire the best of men and material and be second to none, in whatever we do.


I wish  to give an assurance to one and all , patients or students , whoever  enters our gates, will always be given the best.